Meal Replacement Shakes Get The Nutrition You Really Need

These days we’re all so busy that often the only thing available to satisfy our hunger near work is fast food. This leads us to either starve, eat a fat-laden burger or not get enough food to fuel us throughout the day. Either of these options lead to an unhealthy situation where you don’t have enough energy or are consuming low quality foods – both of which leads to the body storing fat.

Not ideal!

Thankfully there is an alternative in the form of meal replacement shakes and they’ve proved to be really effective in reducing hunger, delivering nutrients and helping people lose weight for over 50 years. It could be argued that more people have lost significant weight from drinking meal replacement shakes than any other dietary approach. They are simple to stick to, many of them taste great, they’re super-convenient to prepare, easy to take to work (or the gym) and have low fat and calorie counts.


People are just too busy to weigh their meals, count calories or spend their lives in the gym – it’s just impractical. With these you just need to remember to drink the shake instead of eating lunch (or breakfast) and you’re done. It saves you time shopping, cooking and washing dishes.

Think of it as your new liquid lunch.

Meal replacement shakes are the perfect thing for regular people who just want to lose 10 or 20 pounds. Most of them contain around 200 calories per serving and a whole host of vitamins and minerals. You just add the supplied powder to some milk, juice or water and then drink it once or twice a day depending on your particular goals.

But there’s just one problem…

Many of the shakes on the market today are not worth the packaging they’re shipped in. They contain, cheap nasty ingredients, are too expensive, taste like liquid broccoli or just flat-out don’t work. At Better Lifestyle Today our goal to find the absolute best products on the market for our loyal readers – and of course for ourselves as well. So we went out and tested 23 of the top brands in the meal replacement shake market and the results were very interesting. While there were a few good ones, one of the brands was way ahead of them all. The difference in quality, taste and effectiveness was immense. In fact, the whole BLT office is using it for lunch every day now. That’s how much we love it. Check it out for yourself right here.

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