Fastest Way to Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself

When it comes to the fastest way to lose weight, everyone is looking for a shortcut. Every day millions of people search for tips on the internet to help them find an easier way – and to do it fast! This is a total waste of time. There really is no quick way to lose weight out there.

There are however, a ton of diet plans out there all promising this exact thing to you. But a fad diet will just make you lose weight at the expense of your health – and that is just not a tradeoff worth making, ever!

Interestingly, the fastest way to lose weight is also the healthiest: You need a healthy lifestyle.

  • Do you get only 5 or 6 hours of sleep because of your kids, work or other responsibilities?
  • Do you rush out of the house in the morning like a wild banshee while stuffing a sugary breakfast muffin into your face?
  • Are you constantly stressed at the office because your work keeps piling up and your boss demands more and more from you?
  • Do you gulp down coffee just to stay awake and get stuff done?
  • Do you grab fast food at lunch because it’s the only thing around that’s easy, quick and cheap?
  • Do you eat pasta for dinner and a bowl of ice cream for dessert on most nights?

If you answered yes to even two of these questions, your chances of ever losing weight are slim. The problems here are two things: cortisol and sugar. The stress is producing cortisol (the stress hormone that keeps you fat) and the sugar of course makes you fat as well. Take away the stress and the sugar cravings lessen. Get good sleep and the coffee addiction weakens.

Then weight loss happens naturally

Throw in some exercise on top of that and some more vegetables and less carbs and your results will skyrocket. Of course it’s easy to say all that, but doing it is not so.

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