Best Way to Lose Weight With New Weight Loss Breakthrough

It seems like every person on the planet has a theory on the best way to lose weight but the fact is their opinions are totally useless. The most effective weight loss plans are a complete waste of time if you don’t stick to them. So here are some of the most tried and tested ways to do it. They are super easy to fit into your busy lifestyle and even easier to stick to:

Add Good Foods

Most people attempt their diets by restricting themselves and cutting out their favorite foods. This only leads to guilt, cravings and yoyo-ing in and out of their diet. A much better and more effective approach is to add in good foods instead. This way more of your food intake is healthy things like vegetables, nuts, fish and fruit so you feel full and can’t eat the junk food anyway. It’s a subtle psychological tweak but it makes a massive difference.

Don’t Work Out

If just hearing the word exercise makes you want to curl up into a corner and die, then forget about ever doing any. That’s right! Don’t do any exercise at all. Instead, find some physical activities that you truly enjoy like basketball, tennis, volleyball, mountain climbing, yoga, football, cycling, mountain biking, paintball, swimming or surfing. Then schedule them 3 times a week in your calendar and you never have to work out again. Plus, you’ve just added more fun into your life.

Cook Once a Week

Many experts suggest that you start cooking all your meals so you can eat healthy and save money. This is totally impractical for most people. We’re all really busy and have to juggle a hundred things a day to keep life moving forward and adding cooking onto our list might just sink the whole boat. So instead, just find one hour to cook a meal at some point in your week (anybody can do that) and cook 3 – 7 meals during that hour. This way you have a whole week’s worth of lunches or dinners ready and sitting in the fridge for when you need a meal but don’t feel like cooking. Smart!

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